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Multi-tenancy Concept

🌟 Overview​

Multi-tenancy on the WKS Power Platform is designed to provide each tenant with a secure and isolated operational environment, akin to providing separate office suites within a single corporate building. This architecture allows service providers to manage multiple clients efficiently while ensuring that each client's data and operations remain private and secure.

πŸ›οΈ Architectural Overview​

Tenant URL Structure πŸŒβ€‹

  • Each tenant accesses their environment through a unique subdomain, following the format (e.g.,
  • This subdomain serves as the dedicated entry point to the tenant’s specific portion of the platform, ensuring direct and secure access.

Keycloak Realms πŸ”β€‹

  • Each tenant has a separate Keycloak realm, providing a dedicated security domain that controls authentication and authorization. This setup ensures that user credentials and permissions are managed locally within each tenant's realm, enhancing security and privacy.
  • Upon onboarding a new tenant, a realm is specifically created and configured with unique security settings and user management protocols tailored to meet the tenant's needs.

MongoDB Databases πŸ—ƒοΈβ€‹

  • Each tenant has a separate database to store tenant-specific data securely and maintain complete data isolation between tenants.
  • Creating a dedicated MongoDB database for each new tenant setup, ensuring that data from one tenant is completely inaccessible to another.