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WKS Platform is an open-source Case Management and Process Automation solution that combines a powerful stack of technologies to provide organizations with comprehensive tools for managing and automating their business processes. Leveraging an array of cutting-edge technologies, including Camunda, MongoDB, Keycloak, Traefik, MinIO, Kafka, OPA (Open Policy Agent), , Spring Boot, and React, the WKS Platform enables businesses to streamline their operations, enhance efficiency, and improve decision-making. Key Features:

  1. Case Definitions 📝: Users can create case definitions through an intuitive user interface. A case definition encompasses various elements such as stages, status, events, forms, and processes, allowing for flexible and customizable case management.
  2. Form Designer 🖌️: The platform includes a powerful form designer that enables users to create custom forms effortlessly. The form designer provides a range of form components and options, allowing for the creation of dynamic and interactive forms tailored to specific case requirements.
  3. Case Management 🗂️: Users can initiate new cases based on predefined case definitions, empowering them to efficiently handle and monitor their cases throughout their lifecycle. The platform facilitates task completion within cases, ensuring seamless collaboration and progress tracking.
  4. Document Management 📊: WKS Platform offers robust document management capabilities. Users can attach relevant documents to cases, upload and organize files, and access them securely. The platform supports document versioning and permissions, enabling effective document control.
  5. Collaboration and Communication 💬: Collaboration features enhance teamwork and communication within the platform. Users can comment on cases, fostering real-time discussions and providing context-specific information. Additionally, the email-to-case feature facilitates case creation and updates via email integration.
  6. Process Automation with Camunda ⚙️: WKS Platform integrates with Camunda, a renowned open-source workflow and decision automation tool. This integration empowers organizations to design and manage workflows, automate business processes, and incorporate business rules and decision tables.
  7. Security and Authentication 🔐: Ensuring data security and user access control is paramount. The platform supports authentication and authorization mechanisms, and integrates with Keycloak for robust identity management. User roles and permissions can be managed effectively, providing granular control over platform access.
  8. Administration and Configuration 🛠️: Administrators have access to a range of configuration options to tailor the platform to their organization's needs. Monitoring and logging features help maintain system health, and backup and recovery procedures safeguard data integrity.

The WKS Platform offers a comprehensive and scalable solution for Adaptive Case Management and Process Automation. By combining user-friendly interfaces, flexible case management capabilities, powerful process automation tools, and robust security features, the platform equips organizations with the means to optimize their operations, increase productivity, and make informed decisions.